Know the Tricks; Here are Ways of How to Utilize Your Old Android

In this modern era, smartphones are no longer a desire, but the needs of many people. Its growth is so rapid that it is almost every month there are new smartphones emerge which of course led to a dilemma each time choosing a new smartphone.

A lot of peoples confused with their old smartphone when buying a new one. Indeed, in general, most people would think to sell their old smartphone. But how if the selling price is not satisfy? You do not need to be confused, here we provide the tips on how to take advantage of your old Android smartphone.

1. Utilized As CCTV

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Actually lens of smartphone’s camera can be used for more than just pictures of the tablets. Currently, there are various CCTV applications special for smartphone that can be downloaded from app stores like Play Store. But not all of them are free.

2. Make It as a Game Console For Kids

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Instead of buying expensive new devices for children and then broken in an instant, it’s better to make your old smartphone as a game console. You just remove or force stop applications that are not needed and fill a smartphone with a variety of children’s games that can be downloaded for free from the app store.

3. Make It as a Sporting Friend

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Although currently there are already many smartwatch that can be used in sports, there is no harm in trying this trick. Moreover at this time smartwatch price still expensive. Sometimes even more than the price of a smartphone.

So, simply reformat your smartphone and install the apps related to sport, such as music player, timer, and so on. Guaranteed your daily sports activities will be more fun.

4. Make It as Media Player

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By your old smartphones, chromecast, HDMI cable, or a micro-USB cable, your smartphone can be converted into a media player mini . Simply install a number of content provider apps, such as Netflix, Hooq, Viu, Spotify, YouTube or Iflix, and connect to TV.

5. Make It as a GPS Device

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Instead of buying a special GPS device to drive, it’s better to take advantage of a smartphone for that purpose. Simply just install supporting applications from the Play Store or the App Store, you immediately get a GPS device with high quality without having to spend additional costs.

6. Make It as a WiFi Modem or Hotspot

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Android devices are generally equipped with WiFi and can be utilized to provide WiFi access for other gadgets around them, such as a laptop. Here’s how to use it:

Make sure your laptop or computer is equipped with WiFi, then, on your smartphone select Settings menu> Wireless Connections> Tethering and Portable Hotspot, then activate.

If it is first time, you are required to create the SSID and password that will be used by any other connected devices.After that, save and enable WiFi on your laptop, select SSID, click Connect and enter the password earlier.

Those are some easy ways to take advantage of your old smartphone. Good luck!