The Best Zip Apps; Rar and Unzip for Your Android

There are many kinds/types of files that you can find in your daily life including an archived files or compressed files such as Zip format, Rar format and many more. This kind of file format usually contains many files within. The purpose of compression into this type of file is to reduce the size of file so that it will be more sharable to other people.

As the advance of technology becomes so rapid, there are many zip or rar files which contains many files for smartphone including android. But how does android phone open those file formats? Is there any apps that can unzip or open the rar files? Yes of course, and now, in this article we will discuss about the best zip and rar apps that you can use to unzip those kind of files.


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AndroZip is a free app that can open all types of archived files such as zip, rar, tar, bzip2, and gzip including other archived files. Besides its ability in opening those types of files, this app also has its own app settings which allow the users to set or move the file contents to other directory. Besides, the users also can use this app to make/create a zip file which later can be protected by adding the password or encryption.

This app is so simple, but the ability is so functional according to all people have expected.


#B1 Archiver

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This Zip, Rar and Unzip app for Android is a popular app in Google Play Store. One of the main strengths which is proposed by this app is the ability to open the archived files in 37 formats, started from the popular one such as Zip and Rar, until another formats such as cbt, cab, chm, taz, xpi, deb, chw and any other formats. The support of archived file formats of this app is much bigger than any other related app so that this app is recommended to be used to open all archived files.


#RAR (WinRAR for Android)

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RAR is one of the powerful apps that you can use to open the archived files. RAR is an app which is developed by the similar developer of WinRAR. The ability is almost the same with WinRAR app for android.

This app can open many types of archived files such as rar, zip, tar, 7z, iso, arj, gz, bz2, and xz. The users also can create an archived files with the rar and zip formats by using this app.