Planner5D, Interior Designer App that Uses AI

Designing the home doesn’t need to invite the interior designer anymore, today. You can obtain the design of your comfortable and beautiful only via an interior designer app namely as Planner5D. this app delivers the user a solution in designing their home which has been completed for an Artificial intelligence within. Wow, it’s great, isn’t it?

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The existence of Planner5D app will give you a short solution in designing your dreaming room or home. You do not need to invite an interior designer to consult about your need. As the substitution or alternative, those activities will be done by only having some clicks via your smartphone’s screen.

This app has been able to be downloaded by smartphone users including Google Play Store (previously it has not been available in any app hub since it is still under development). The AI developed by Planner5D will deliver many suggestions to the users about the use of many properties like lamp, chairs, and including the placement of those.

This software can understand many regulation related to the placement of properties in the room. For example, TV cannot be placed on the front line of the window. Or, a bed is better to be placed side by side with the light source. And don’t forget, Planner5D also have an ability to learn the standard of width of the door, including the average height of ceiling. There are many features too that you can use such as floor, interior setting, and exterior setting. What I can say is that this app is so complete in terms of feature and responsiveness since it is completed with AI.

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The Co-founder of Planner5D, Alexey Sheremetyev, said that his app is so useful for their users because all people can operate it and it doesn’t require you as the interior first to understand of how to use it. Even, he hopes that the Artificial Intelligence result can outspace the performance of a real interior designer. Moreover, this app can be used in many platforms such as Android, iOS, and Windows, so, if you are the smartphone user, you can design your own room everywhere and every time via your gadget, so simple indeed. Below is the link to download Planner5D in Android.

That’s all. Have a nice day in designing your dreaming home.

Download Planner5D via Google Play Store at:


Size : 64.3MB
Version : 1.10.8
Developer : Planner 5D
Latest Update : 2017-05-23