Steps to Solve an Android which Displays a Black/Blank Screen

With the existence of smartphone, we are now connected everywhere and it can be said that today, our life cannot be separated from smartphone. But what about if we face a problem with our smartphone? It could be so disturbing. I ever faced a situation where my android smartphone’s screen is full of black and it cannot enter the home screen. What is so weird is that, even though the screen is full of black, the system still runs well.

To solve that problem, you need to identify the causes first. Usually, the causes are from 2 things; there is an error in app system and the second one is that the LCD gets an error occurrence. As the preventive action, I really suggest you to be careful in downloading and installing certain app in your android.

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Usually, when we overview the problem of blank/black screen in physical cause, we can mention that the causes are from an incorrect LCD installment and maybe, the phone has ever been dropped so that some parts of it are wrecked. In this tutorial, I will give you some tips about how to solve a blank/black screen in your android:

The steps are:

– The first step is you should switch on the smartphone and you can check up the app system, whether it runs well or not, to do this, you may use your friend’s phone.
– If the first step doesn’t work and there is no something wrong with the system, it would be better to restart your phone by unplugging all parts of it such as battery, SIM card, and memory card. –
– The third way is that you can reset your phone with a special code, this code can be found in Google or else because every phone has their own unique code.
– If above methods do not work, you may flash your phone.
– You also can check the LCD to confirm whether your LCD is normal or not. You can visit the service center to get the best service and best suggestion for you.

With all methods above, I assume it can solve your LCD problem. So that’s all the tutorial. It is better to have a preventive action like what I have mentioned earlier. So keep calm when facing this kind of problem and have a nice day everyone. Don’t forget to share this article if you think it’s useful and helpful.