Removing Autorun.inf Virus

Hi all. Today I would like to share about a virus which often attacks our PC or external drives (including flashdisk) and how to delete the virus completely. I am sure that most of you have known and have ever heard about AUTORUN.INF virus. This virus commonly attacks the flashdisk but sometimes we also find it in our PC. But before we talk about how to delete this virus, it would be better for us to know about its nitty gritty!

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What is autorun.inf ?

Autorun.inf is a file with an extension namely as “.inf”, sometimes this file is the main gate for virus to attack our gadgets or hardware. They can develop so rapidly, even worst, they can damage your files. Therefore, I think it’s worth to share about how to delete this dangerous virus from your PC.

How to delete it?

In this tutorial, we will use Command Prompt to abolish the file. Command Prompt is commonly called as CMD. What is CMD? Cmd.exe is a row of command of translation in OS/2, Windows CE and Windows NT which is operated in operating system (including Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows Server 2003 and Windows Server 2008). This file is an analog of COMMAND.COM in MS-DOS and Windows 9x system or from Unix shell which is used on Unix-like system.

First step:

1. Run the computer boot under Safe mode.
2. Run the Command Prompt app by using (Start > Run > cmd.exe) you can also choose (Start > All Programs > Accessories > Command Prompt)
3. Type that USB drive (for example E: and then press [Enter])
4. Type ATTRIB -R -A -S -H *.*, and then click [Enter] (you also can type it without a symbol of *.*)
5. Type DEL AUTORUN.INF, and then click [Enter]
6. After you finish those steps, computer can be restarted into a normal mode.


ATTRIB is a module that is used to change the attribute of certain file.
R is a command to delete “Read Only” mode
A is a command to delete “Archive” mode
S is a command to delete “System” mode
H is a command to abolish the “Hidden” mode
DEL is a command to delete a file

Autorun or autoplay is a facility from operating system which is functioned to run the file automatically when the media like CD-ROM, DVD-ROM, Flash disk and others are injected or installed into your computer. So that when every media is installed, without being run, there is a program that will run by itself. This feature is commonly used in CD Driver which has been included when we buy a motherboard / VGA. But today it is commonly used as the media of virus distribution, especially via flashdisk.
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Second step:

1. Run the command line (CMD)/command prompt and type the syntax below:
2. del /a:rhs [E]:autorun.inf [E is a drive for USB]
3. Change [E] with the targeted drive.

So if the virus is in Drive E:\ so the command would be: del /a:rhs E:autorun.inf
If that virus is in Drive C:\ so the command would be: del /a:rhs C:autorun.inf
If the virus is in di Drive D:\ so the command would be: del /a:rhs D:autorun.inf