Steps to Solve the Printer Settings Could Not Be Saved (Error 0x000006d9)

Have you ever experienced a problem on your printer when you want to share it into your computer client, there is a dialogue box appears that informs “Settings could not be saved. Operation could not be completed (error 0x000006d9)?” This problem might be so disturbing for some of us especially at the time when we really need to print something and the situation is so urgent. Well, actually there are many causes of that problem. The share driver of the printer actually is only for office, company, or internet coffee that is connected with the LAN network connection and this problem actually is generally found in those kinds of network system.

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Well, let’s identify the causes. Actually, the causes are:
1. Windows Firewall which is blocked by Antivirus app
2. The settings of Network Discovery and File and Printer are in “Turn Off” mode

Now, here are the steps to solve the problem of “Printer Settings could not be saved (Error 0x000006d9)”. Actually, the solution is so simple and you can practice it by yourself at your office or home. Let’s check them up!

1. Make sure that the Network discovery setting and File and Printer settings have been on “Turn On” mode (on the left corner of the taskbar > on change advanced sharing and center).
2. On start menu, you should type services.msc and just click that

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3. There will be a new window appears on the screen in the form of services, now you should find out on the Name Windows Firewall and double click that option

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4. Make the Disable option becomes Automatic on Startup Type, click Aplly > Start and OK

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5. Now, try the share driver printer again. Is it working? Now you can be free from any error on your printer

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All right, now the problem has been solved, I hope that this short tutorial can help you much to overcome the problem like error in your printer. It is not difficult anyway, you only need to change the startup from disable into automatic on Windows Firewall. After you undergo those steps, I am quite sure that the problem of error can be solved. A simple step yet so powerful. Thank you very much for reading and visiting my blog, don’t forget to subscribe my blog to update more recent info about computer and windows. Have a nice day everyone!