The Steps to Activate Hibernate on Windows 10

Like what I have said before, I will share to you about Windows Operating System with its update version that is Windows 10. For this session, I will give you the tutorial about how to activate the hibernate feature on Windows 10. But why this feature should be activated? Is the first time installation this updated OS has not been like Windows 7? Yups, when the first time you install Windows 10, the Hibernate feature has not been activated yet.

Before we start to talk deeper, we need to understand first about what is Hibernate and what are its functions, Hibernate is a feature that exists in Operating System in your laptop or PC that does a save on memory task on virtual memory or in Hard Disk so that those data won’t be lost if the power is switch off (if you hibernate the date that you still do and it is still saved and you don’t want it to be lost, this feature runs like “sleep” but the difference is that if in “sleep”, your device is still saving the electric power meanwhile hibernate, you don’t need an electric power anymore like in Shutdown option).

The functions of Hibernate:

  • Ease up your task, if we are in the condition where we have a lot of tasks on our laptop and we have no time to save the files/data one by one, you can choose hibernate feature.
  • Saving the power, we can save the power on our laptop because the activities can be stopped without even need to save them manually and it can be switched off without even need to close those programs which we have just opened.
  • Time saving. We can do another activities without even need to save the data first on our laptop.
  • Now you can directly go to the next steps to activate the Hibernate feature:

Open Control Panel

The first step is by opening the Control panel, you can open this Control Panel menu by doing a search in Cortana and then type Control Panel and you will be directed to Control Panel menu or you can open this via start menu >> All App >> Windows System >> Control Panel, after you open the control panel, the next steps will be:

Setting The Power Option on The PC

To enter the power option, you can enter Control Panel >> Hardware and Sound >> Power Options and if you have opened it, find out on the upper corner left of the screen with the name “Choose what the power buttons do”

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If you have opened that, you can click “Change setting that are currently unavailable”

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And after that, you just need to checklist Hibernate

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So, those are the tutorial to activate the Hibernate feature on your Windows 10 PC/laptop, thanks for visiting my page.