Backup and Restore Whatsapp, Transfer Chat to Your New Phone

Hello all. For those of you who use smartphone, it must be so familiar with many chat apps. There are many chat apps actually, and one of them and the most famous one is Whatsapp. I am sure some of you here have Whatsapp on your smartphone. People prefer Whatsapp to other chat apps because Whatsapp is so simple, lite in size and fast in messaging. What about if you are about to move to your new phone but you don’t want to leave all Whatsapp chats on your old phone? Well, the tutorial today will give you the description about how to backup an restore your Whatsapp and transfer it to your new phone.

There are 2 ways to backup the Whatsapp chat.

A. Automatic backup on Google Drive
B. Manual backup

Automatic backup on Google Drive is included on one of the features in Whatsapp. If you haven’t got the updated version of Whatsapp, you can use the second option. Both ways above also can be used to transfer the chat data of your Whatsapp to your new phone.

A. Automatic backup on Google Drive

  • Run Whatsapp
  • Click Menu (3 vertical spots on upper corner right)
  • Click Settings > Chats > Chats backup
  • On Google Drive settings:
  • Backup to Google Drive. Click on this option to choose the backup time: Daily-Weekly–Monthly-Never-Only when I tap “Backup” account.
  • Click Account to choose the Google account that you use.
  • Backup over: Here there are 2 options, it depends on the type of connection that you have. “WI-fi only” or “Wi-fi or Cellular”.
  • On the lowest part of option, choose “Include videos”. Click the small box for giving the checklist if you want to make a video backup to be included.
  • Click Backup, and wait the process until it is finished.

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Later, after you reinstall the Whatsapp in your phone, and after you finish with inputting your SIM card number which you use, there will be a notification from Google Drive to regain the backup chat of your Whatsapp. Just click “Restore” to regain the Whatsapp’s back up file. The same way you can do if you have the new phone. The process is the same as long as the new phone use the same SIM card number and same Google account.

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B. Backup Manually

Backup manually can be your alternative if your Whatsapp has not got the automatic backup feature via Google Drive.

Backup on external memory (Micro SD)

  • Run File Manager app > Internal Storage
  • Search and open the Whatsapp folder > folder Databases
  • There will be many files you find here in the folder. The file format is: “msgstore-2016-04-30.db.crypt”. Choose the latest date or “today”. Or you can see the capacity of the file. Find out the biggest one.
  • Press for some seconds on backup file until you see a checklist symbol > click the three vertical spots menu > click Copy to / Move to
  • Choose Micro SD > determine the folder or make a new folder by clicking the symbol “+” on the upper side of the screen.
  • And then click OK on the saved backup file on Micro SD memory.

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If you want to save it on computer or laptop, connect you phone with USB cable into your computer. From computer, open the Windows Explorer. Search the Whatsapp folder > Databases. And then copy the latest backup file to your computer.

Restore on old phone

  • Reinstall your Whatsapp on your phone.
  • After Whatsapp is installed and the number verification/SIM card is finished, don’t directly open the Whatsapp before you return the backup file.
  • Use file manager to restore the Whatsapp backup file that previously you save on Micro SD to Whatsapp Database folder. Before it is restored to Whatsapp folder, the backup file should be deleted for the date. For example, the backup file is named as: “msgstore-2016-04-30.db.crypt”. Delete the date and change it into: “msgstore.db.crypt”.
  • To change it, you can do the steps below:
  • Press for some seconds until there is a checklist symbol
  • Click the 3 vertical spots
  • Click Rename, and then delete the date like the format that I give you above, and click OK.
  • If you have renamed it, press again for some seconds until it displays the checklist symbol
  • Click the three vertical spots menu > click Copy to / Move to
  • Choose internal Storage
  • Find and open the Whatsapp folder > folder Databases. And then click OK.
  • If you haven’t got the Databases folder, you can make it by clicking the “+” sign on the upper part, and make sure that the Database folders are located on Whatsapp folder.
  • Run the Whatsapp and follow the steps of profile setup.

Restore on new phone:

  • Delete the Whatsapp on your old phone by doing these steps below:
  • Settings > Apss > search Whatsapp > click Uninstall
  • Move the MicroSD and SIM card which the number is registered on Whatsapp.
  • After it is installed, don’t directly open the Whatsapp before you restore the backup file.
  • The next step is similar with the step number 3 – 8 that I explaine to you above.
  • Backup and restore the Whatsapp data are only needed at some certain situations, such as; you are about to reset your phone because of certain reason, update file of  android system that requires you to make a backup.