Making a Faster Search Process in Windows 10

If you are the user of Windows 10 and often forget about where you put your files/folders on your PC, you must be using search feature on your PC to search those lost files and folders on your Windows. Something that becomes a problem is that, sometimes, the search process to find the files or folders is taking too much time. And if you are in urgent situation, it must be an uncomfortable experience or you. Before that, we have discussed about how to fasten the search process in Windows Explorer by using some keywords. But today, I will share to you about making a faster search process in Windows 10 by using other tricks so that the search result is quick to be displayed.

How does Windows Search work?

To do that search process, Windows 10 uses Windows Search, a feature that is used to find out the file and folder. The process of search is by indexing all files and folders which exist on the location that is appointed. In default mode, Windows Search will index the folders on Start Menu. And therefore, launching this program via search in Start Menu will be very fast.

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Something different to occur if you search the files and folders using other method. For example, you remember that the file that you want to find is in drive D:\. If you find that via Start Menu, sometimes the process will take longer like what has been displayed on the picture above.

This situation happens because, in default mode, Windows does not index the drive D:\. If you search them directly via File Explorer, the result of search will also appear in longer time.

By indexing (in such method in the book), Windows can do the search process faster.

Steps to fasten the Search Process in Windows 10

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After you understand of how the Windows Search works, now you will arrange the Windows Search to index the folder. Click Start and type “indexing” and then press enter to open “Indexing Options”.

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Window like in the explanation above will appear on your screen. At that page, there are many list of folders which are indexed by Windows Search. If the drive or folder that you usually search are not there yet, you can click “Modify” to add the drives and folder.

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Please choose the folder or partition that you want to add by giving a checklist on those files. If you have done this step, click OK.

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If the data are so many, it needs a long time to be able to index the whole data. But, you still can use the PC as usual and you can close the windows of Indexing Options.


After you finish on indexing, the search process will run faster. But it needs to be concerned; don’t too much in indexing the data. Please index the folders or drives/partitions which according to you is important, because it will downgrade the Windows Search performance. That’s all, have a nice day!