Steps to Change the Color of Tile Bar in Windows 10

Hi all the users of Windows 10. I hope today all of you here have a best day. Today’s article will talk about how to change the color of Tile Bar in Windows 10. Actually the tile bar can be changed or personalized via settings and then choose Personalization and finally, activate Show on Color on Start, Task bar and action center. But unfortunately, those steps above can only be applied for those who have update their Windows 10 into build 10525 and the newest update. If you feel that there should have been an option to change title bar color in Windows 10, you can now change the default color of title bar by completing a small workaround.

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The tile bar appearance on simple white for me is too boring to be seen. Moreover the file explorer appearance also has been set on white. Changing the tile bar color is actually aimed to make the users of PC not being bored and it also can beautify the appearance of your Windows and actually, it doesn’t affect anything on your PC.

But take it easy, for those of you who are the users of Windows 10 below and the build 10525 which doesn’t have this feature, where you can change the tile bar color as you prefer. You can use this simple trick that I provide below.

Steps to change the color of Tile Bar in Windows 10

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a) First off, you need download the zip file on this web site: If you have finished on downloading process, please extract that zip file on C:\Windows\Resources\Themes. Once installed, you can now choose your background image as usual and switch accent colors at will. Whatever your accent color is should be reflected in the title bars of certain apps like File Explorer and others. If you do not like the look or want to go back to the original Windows 10 version just choose any other theme e.g. Synced Theme.

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b) After you extract that, please run the file namely as Windows. By that step, the theme is successfully installed and you can see the tile color has been changed as you want.

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You can change the tile bar setting via Settings > Personalization > Colors. Overall, this is a neat and simple trick, and it should brighten things up a bit if you do not like the white title bars in Windows 10.