2 Ways to Identify The Fake SD Card

For all of us who use cell phone, especially the smartphone, SD card has become a compulsory utility in our phone. There are many usage of SD card in our phone and smartphone. As the internal capacity or memory of each phone is varied, and sometimes the capacity is so limited, all phones and smartphones suggest their customer to use SD card to save their files or data (and usually it is bundled automatically when you buy the smartphone). The need of people toward SD card can also be varied, there are people who only need 2-4 GB SD card capacity and others may need up to 16 GB. All of them depend on their daily activity. But regardless on that fact, something that we should know that SD card can also be counterfeited and SD card is one of them. There are many fake SD cards on market. But you don’t need to worry about that, you can always be able to identify it. Today, I would like to discuss about 2 ways to Identify The Fake SD Card!

How to identify Fake SD Card?

1. Easy to Break/Error

In simple look, there are no significant differences between the fake SD card and the original SD card, even I can say that we can’t barely say which one is fake and which one is original only by their physical appearance. But if you use the fake one, the fake SD card is easy to break or error. Fake SD Card often has many problems in long term use such as the data are often corrupt, slow data transfer, and also often unreadable by your smartphone device. To physically differentiate between the fake SD card and the original one, you can see on the printed name on the SD card itself. If the printed name of the product is too thin, that can be said that your SD card is fake. The original memory card typically uses the mold on the surface, instead of using a usual sticker. As if it is used to generate the hologram sticker, under the sticker, you can still find a printed brand’s name.

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2. Using SD Insight App

This is my last suggestion in case if you want to know or identify whether the SD card you use is fake or original one. You can download the app namely as SD Insight (you can download from Google Play Store at: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.humanlogic.sdi ). SD Insight works as the SD card originality scanner. There will be information released by this app after the scanning process is finished. You can use this information to match an existing data on the packaging and the memory card purchase orders. One thing that should be noted that the date of manufacture and production of memory card you use should be correspond to the date released on the packaging, and if otherwise the memory cards shall be questioned.

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So, those are the 2 ways to identify the fake SD card, hopefully the tips above can help you much!