How to Unsend a Sent Email in My Gmail

Have you ever experienced a blunder when sending email to someone? What about if that wrong-sent email is directed to an important person like your manager or your customer? It could be the worse experience in your life! Well, actually, the worng-sent email can be solved, you only need several steps to withdraw that wrong email. Today, I would like to share about how to unsend the sent email which that occurs in Gmail or Google Mail. I can say it is actually a simple step, you only need to do some arrangement in that wrong email.

Other Reasons of Sent Email’s Withdrawal

Well, although it is not a wrong email to wrong person, at least there are some other reasons why people want to withdraw the email, for example:

  • You forgot to include the attachment for the email.
  • You sent your email message after attaching the recipients whom you did not want to send the message to.
  • You did not include the correct subject information in the email.
  • You type a wrong spelling/grammatical errors in the email you just sent.

For your information, Gmail provides the users to have 30 seconds delay before mail is delivered into the recipient’s’ inbox, which you can use to unsend a sent email.


Here are the steps:

Step 1: Before you use the unsend your email, or undo send facility in Gmail, you need to activate the facility. How?

– Login into your Gmail account using your username and password.
– Click the cog and select the general tab.
– Ensure that you enable “undo send”.
– Click save changes.

Now you will have a 5 second delay before emails are delivered into recipients’ inboxes.


Step 2: To set the time delay before delivery:

– Click the cog again, and select the general tab.
– Ensure ‘enable undo send’ is selected for undo send.
– Set send cancellation time from 5 to 30 seconds (preferably 30 seconds) for the delay before email is delivered to recipients’ inbox.
– Click save changes.

Now you will have least have some time to change your mind and unsend a sent email in Gmail.

Step 3: Using Gmail, if you have already sent an email and wish to unsend a sent email.

– Ensure background sending is off.
– Click cancel or undo immediately when it appears.
– Make changes and then resend the email.


So, those are the steps to unsend your sent emails to your wrong recipients. Easy, right? Yups, have a nice day without worry!