5 Best Web Browser for Your Android

Today, getting online is so easy as the advance of technology makes people easy to be connected with internet. Not only using PC, getting online today can be done via smartphone. And andrid is one of the most-used smartphone in the world. Talking about accessing the internet, we cannot separate it with browser. Browser is the media to get online in internet. By having browser, we can browse anything in internet. Well, android has provided many browsers for its user via Google Play Store. But which one is the best? Today, I would like to highlight about the 5 Best Web Browser for Your Android. The best five web browser for android are:

1. Google Chrome

Google Chrome is claimed as the best browser for android today. Google Chrome is developed and made by Google.Inc, which at the beginning is only for PC users. But because of a high usage of smartphones which use Android as their OS around the world, Google.Inc launched Google Chrome for mobile. This mobile browser can be used in any Android device that you have. The title as the best web browser is obtained via its speed in accessing the sites. Google Chrome can be downladed for free on Google Play Store and sometimes this browser is automatically installed in your android phone as default browser.

Average access speed: 6.98 second


2. Skyfire

Skyfire is develoed by Skyfire Labs, Inc. Today, Skyfire is placed on the 2nd on its speed when accessing the website. Skyfire has usual features which you can find in any other web browsers and one of them is Video Compatible. By this feature, you can have a streaming video in many formats of video file, one of them us Flash Video (FLV). Skyfire Web Browser can be dowloaded for free on www.skyfire.com.

Average access speed: 7.60 second


3. Dolphin Browser HD

Dolphin Browser HD is also mentioned as the 3rd best web browser. Dolphin Browser HD is developed by MoboTap Inc. Dolphin Browser HD has good and interesting features, one of them is Webzine. By Webzine you can update the magazines until 300 magazines. Dolphin Browser also has a good speed in accessing the web. Dolphin Browser can be downloaded directly on its official website www.dolphin-browser.com for free.

Average access speed: 8.36 second


4. Opera Mobile

Opera Mobile is also one of the best android web browsers. Opera Mobile is made and developed by Opera Software which is also as the developer of Opera on its PC version. Opera Mobile is also mentioned as the best web browser today, but if we take a look on its speed in accessing the website, Opera Mobile is still lower than its comoetitors. But Opera Mobile has many features which are also interesting. Opera Mobile can be downloaded in its official website on www.opera.com.

Average access speed: 8.13 second


5. Firefox

For those of you who really like browsing in your PC, you must be very familiar with this web browser. Firefox is developed by Mozilla Corporation. At the beginning, Firefox is only running on PC operating system, but also is running on your Android OS. Firefox can be downloaded directly on its official website at www.mozilla.org for free.

Average access speed: 10.72 second