5 Steps to Uninstall The Uneasy Unisntalled App

Good day everyone! Today I would like to share about how to delete/uninstall the appliation which is so difficult to be deleted (uneasy to be uninstalled and cannot be deleted via control panel >> Programs and Features ).


So, for those of you who haven’t known about how to uninstall/delete the uneasy uninstalled app, of course it will be so confusing because you only know how to uninstall it via Programs And Features. But now you don’t need to be confused, to uninstall those apps, I have provided 5 Steps t Uninstall The Uneasy App that will be explained below.

Please bear in your mind that this tutorial can only be applied on Windows OS, it can’t be applied on other OS such as linux, Mac and others.

The tutorial of 5 steps to uninstall the uneasy app (can’t be deleted) which I will explain to you is so simple and it’s so easy, the first step and the thing that you should do is that to regedit the uneasy uninstalled app from your system of Windows OS. Please follow the steps below:

The steps are :

1. Click >>> RUN
2. Type “REGEDIT” on run column, Take a look clearly on this image :


3. Click OK or yes, the next step will give you this picture below.


4. Click HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE if you want to delete that ueasy app, Click SOFTWARE so that you will see this image.


5. On SOFTWARE option, just find out the name of the uneasy app that you want to uninstall and then right-click on the app like on the picture below as the example.


6. And then click >>> DELETE after that, click YES to delete the uneasy uninstalled app from programs and Features like the image below.


7. FINISH . After you click YES, you can restart the computer and open the uninstall program to check whether or not the app which is not easy to be uninstalled has been successfully uninstalled from Programs and Features. Good luck for trying.