The Cause and Solution for a Monitor that Displays No Signal Detected ‘Going to Sleep’

Have you ever experienced when your monitor displays a message “no signal detected” and then it displays “screen going to sleep?” The writer will share about how to solve this problem. Actually, you don’t need to go to service center to overcome this error, you actually can do it by yourself. I often found my laptop shows “monitor no signal detected ‘screen going to sleep’ which later can be solved well. Usually, this error message appears when you switch on your PC for the first time after almost more than a week/month it is shut down, but regularly-used computer also has this kind of potential error to occur.

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In this article, the writer will share about the tips and the solution for the monitor which displays “no signal detected ‘screen going to sleep’ including the cause of this problem. The solution steps are not complicated.

The cause of No Signal Detected

There are some causes that make your PC monitor shows no signal detected, here they are:

• The VGA cable which connects CPU and Monitor lifeless or certain part of the cable is wrecked.
• VGA is damage or the VGA driver is damage
• VGA is dirty/broken
• The memory of PC is dirty/dusty
• The CPU fan is broken/the fan doesn’t function, so that the PC processor gets heated
• Motherboard is broken
• Monitor is broken

The steps to solve the problem of No Signal Detected

For the steps to solve the problem of no signal detected ‘screen going to sleep’ on your monitor/desktop, you can do some tips below:

The first step; check your VGA cable which connect the CPU and monitor of your PC, make sure that there is no a lifeless cable or other problems, if necessary, you can check it by new VGA cable (although it seems that the step is too simple, but the problem might appear because of the problem that happens in VGA cable that makes the error occurs).

Second Step; If you are done with the first step but the problem is still appear, you can go further to the next step. You can uncover the CPU and check the components in your CPU and make sure that everything runs well. Check the motherboard indicator lamp, fan for CPU/processor, VGA card, and the cleanness of the CPU area. If those areas have been guaranteed to be good but the problem still appears, start to clean up your PC until it is clean. Restart your PC after the cleaning process. Hopefully after those steps are done, the error will be solved well.